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Build trust in your relationship with dating app powered by blockchain.

We double dare your date.

Couple on a Walk

Get over trust issues when dating. Start dating using blockchain.

Couple on the Beach

Dating & Earn

Collect the Profile NFTs from others, and likewise, you can earn coins by selling your own Profile NFT. 

White Masquerade Mask

Anonymity with 0x

Using hex and blockchain will keep you in anonymous state. If you wish to give your number or your social media in the Profile NFT, we leave it all to you.                 

Exchanging Vows

NFT Build Trust

If you know the type of person to whom you are selling, you can increase the chances of success by tailoring the pitch accordingly. 

Couple Dancing

The Past Transactions Reflect You

In our digital ecosystem you can trace what’s on the past transactions. It will help you to fostering good decision making in your relationship.

Naked Hug

Profile NFT is an asset

Be creative and have the freedom how you want to create your Profile NFT. You can use PDF, MP4, JPEG or even GLB to create your Profile NFT.

Competitive Dancing

Create An Impact

No coin no cry. You can recycle plastic or sing a song so as to earn indicium token to join the party.


Create your digital ID

 and get free

INDI token



Be part of the blockchain community and create the NFT


Use Metamask wallet to explore our dAPPS and switch to Polygon network


With INDI token you can explore our digital realm ecosystem

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