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Payment gateway using cryptocurrencies & stable coins for global merchants.



Meet the crypto hodlr in town.

You wouldn't know until your next customer ask if you accept crypto as payment to buy a service or a product from your shop. They might ask this question as they demand for greater transparency doing business with you. Open ledger is the future. Build trust in every trade with crypto.

Started in the early 2022 the world has never been the same anymore after pandemic. The digital transformation with crypto is on the rise, because there is something called transparency with open ledger that could offer trust in every trade. You can verify every single transaction on the open ledger. We want you to be part of this revolution in digital transformation doing business with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Our Mission

We like to challenge ourselves to become the leader in crypto payment gateway for every transaction and every business in the digital realm and the real world.

From the very beginning until today, we believe that this mission will help us to thrive in this business and be excellent to our business partners and to our merchants as we want to grow our business together with them. 

Core Values

1. Innovation

Innovation is necessary for our company to adapt and overcome the hurdle in every competition to win the race and create a great business.

2. Transparency

The open ledger is the main feature and it is the most important aspect to build trust in doing business.

3. Impact

We're relentlessly seeking to create greater impact to our societies and to the environment for better world.

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