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Digital Culture World

Welcome to Tokenin indicium portal!


The world is changing at immense speed and we want you to be part of our digital culture world.

We empower blockchain technology with real utility for the common good.

We'll equip you with a no-code-web3-app builder, the Tokenin, and to fuel up your creativity,  

we've forged a digital token to build democratic communities with

the indicium.


Be sovereign.

A growing digital ecosystem network

Collectors, funders, creators, and traders are collaborating together in the digital ecosystem that has equal access for every one without boundary.


A decentralized content network

Tokenin is a DeCo App that is led by the communities and the content creators around the world. We use web3 and blockchain technology to power your creativity, thus the power is in your hand to create premium contents. You can create NFTs and own your web3 app for your business.

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A digital token for content creators

indicium is Tokenin's native token that can be used as a medium of exchange. indicium is dedicated to fuel up your creativity in digital world. It is a cross border payment and a democratic form of decentralized digital token where you can vote based on your aspirations. You may check the contract address in Polygon Scan.

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We accept stable coins


Tokenin NFT

The Tokenin Non-Fungible Token (NFT) would unlock hindrances by cutting out the middlemen that challenged many content creators and create abundance of intellectual properties ideas for a winning brand marketing strategy. Our platform is also able to combine up to 10 wallets for the ease of doing business.

Web3 Content Network

Build DeCo app with Polygon network that offers you scarcity, low gas fee, scalability, and speed for high-volume transactions. Be creative, create your own market with blockchain technology, and regain more trust from your fan base with transparency and immutability.

Premium Content

You can now mint your contents into NFTs and sell it to your die-hard fans and get paid with crypto.

Digitized Business

Our platform can combine up to 10 crypto wallets so you can collaborate and partner up to do business on blockchain to gain more trust.


Rebrand your physical products and create new omnichannel with NFT and promote them on our NFT marketplace to gain more traction.