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We empower blockchain technology with real utility for the common good.



Tokenin is a blockchain startup company that is focused in utilizing the NFT technology for real life. We provide individuals and companies a one-stop digital solution to transform their brands and digital files into NFTs using Distributed Ledger Technology systems. We want to be your trusted partner to mint the NFTs, to sell your ideas to the world in our marketplace, and to manage your digital assets.



The digital era is in full swing. There are more and more artists and organizations from a wide range of industries are experiencing a rapid increase in content creation. With brands and artists that has been growing exponentially and their thriving services are in neck and neck competition focusing on delivering great audio and visual experiences online, the creation and consumption of digital assets, mainly in audio video and image, are facing a challenge in a new world of consumerism in the digital era where the intellectual properties is no longer cost-effective due to the middleman situation fueled with the centralized system and the social media.


The Upheaval

The Non-Fungible Token (NFT) would unlock hindrances by cutting out the middleman that challenged many of content creators and create abundance of intellectual properties ideas for a winning brand marketing strategy. Thus, upvalued the brands and artists in content creation with NFTs would bring more cost-effective processes and higher margin for the artist or the organizations by offering them the royalties upon NFT sales.



We have developed Tokenin using Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) system from the ground up with a purpose of creating a new digital ecosystem and a new digital economy in Indonesia by building the NFT marketplace, the NFT minting platform, and the digital asset management using cloud server as our core business. Our services would include minting the NFTs, organizing, routing, sharing, and optimizing the content processes and the workflows. 


Our Value Proposition: 

  1. Our NFT marketplace has been tailored and developed based on local approach to gain a positive feedback from the communities and in affinity.

  2. Our vision is to collaborate with the societies from the creative industries, the SMEs, the tourism, and the green movements, and to team up with them to maximize the adoption of the NFT technology in Indonesia.

  3. Our mission is to give an access and equal opportunities for our stakeholders, so they would be able to adopt this advance technology in Indonesia, thus better economy for them, and empowering their talents as an individual or as an organization.

  4. We offer a competitive royalties for our collaborators to nurture the business partnership to stay on course, and we always ensure their fans would be delighted with the digital scarcity for every token sales launch.

  5. Our Tokenin platform uses the latest Polygon Layer 2 ethereum blockchain to step up the game for scalability and more efficient process, thus aligned with the future demand in NFT e-commerce business.

  6. Our website is supported with the latest web 3.0 technology, and therefore customers will be able to connect with the crypto wallet such as Metamask. With this new decentralized website, the customers will be able to regain the ownership of their data privacy and will have the security of encryption for every transaction.


Our Tokenin platform supports the following digital files for NFT conversion; JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, and PDF.


Aforementioned, NFT is here to stay, and hence we welcome you as an artist or your organization to collaborate with us and to embark into a new journey together growing your brand to be bigger and better with Tokenin NFT.

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